7 September 2011

Second Chance Final Brochure

Documentation of the project Final Conference

Second Chance Brochure: Revitalisation throug arts and culture

Site-specific PPP-Models

For each of the five partner cities a specific concept for post industrial revitalization was developed following the integrated method to involve local stakeholders in the process of elaboration. The series of workshops aimed the consulting of stakeholders on possibilities to implement PPP projects to spur the revitalization.

You can read each of the Site-Specific-PPP concepts here:


Leipzig (summary)



Ljubljana (summary)

SWOT Analysis

For each of the five brownfield sites object of Second Chance a SWOT Analysis defining the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the areas has been developed. The SWOT Analysis serves as an indicator of each sites revitalization needs.

SWOT Analysis Nuremberg

SWOT Analysis Leipzig

SWOT Analysis Venice

SWOT Analysis Krakow

SWOT Analysis Ljubljana

Development Visions

For each of the brownfield sites a Development Vision has been elaborated. Build upon the outcome of the SWOT analysis, each Development Vision was discussed with local artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector and the residents of the neighborhood to emerge a wide range of ideas for the utilisation of each site.

Development Visions Second Chance

Adjusted Utilisation Concepts

Following the results and outcomes of the SWOT analysis and Development Visions, Utilisation Concepts have been developed for each site by the local municipality and the site developer. The Utilisation Concepts have been adjusted after the peer review visits of the partners to the sites.

Adjusted Utilisation Concept Nuremberg

Utilisation Concept Leipzig

Adjusted Utilisation Concept Venice

Adjusted Utilisation Concept Krakow

Utilisation Concept Ljubljana

Transnational PPP concept for post-industrial revitalisation

Transnational Marketing Study

Project Leaflet Second Chance